Powered by diversity.

Fueled by inclusion.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are at our core

At Palm Alliance Management, our clients’ portfolios aren’t built by a single manager. They’re built by diverse teams that bring different points of view and their own ideas to help investors reach their long-term goals.

This distinctive approach is part of our commitment to embrace all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion. It helps us unlock the power that comes from building teams that encourage active voices at every level.

We believe the success of the people who invest with us depends on the people in whom we invest.


Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

We learn every day from the day we are born. As kids, much of what we learn is belief – what we think is true. As adults, we naturally get trapped in these beliefs such that it’s difficult to see another perspective. As corporate citizens, our collective potential suffers.

The goal of our DE&I program is to help us systematically challenge what we think we know. It fosters a mindset of curiosity and growth by highlighting unconscious bias, exposing different views and encouraging courageous conversations.


more about ourselves and each other


beliefs and bias holding us back


the behaviors and actions most likely to move our business forward



At Palm Alliance Management, diversity and inclusion are critical to our success. By fostering an environment that embraces diverse perspectives we become better investors and better problem solvers. Embracing diversity nurtures creativity and collaboration. A diverse, inclusive environment makes us good listeners, empathetic to the needs and aspirations of our clients. Lastly, diversity and inclusion are values that attract, develop, and retain exceptional colleagues.


At Palm Alliance Management we provide equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, religion or other characteristics. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where all individuals feel valued, listened to, treated fairly and respected.


Senior management take specific steps to foster this environment and cultivate inclusiveness through appropriate training at all levels and regions. We pursue diversity initiatives in recruitment, mentoring, training and workplace flexibility. We have signed the Women in Finance Charter, 30% Club and the Diversity Project to accelerate our progress toward our diversity and inclusion goals. We cannot preach inclusion without practicing it. All our staff experiences and perspectives are invaluable to make Palm Alliance Management a more diverse, inclusive and successful company.


In 2018, Palm Alliance Management signed the Women in Finance Charter with the goal of increasing the proportion of women in senior management positions within Palm Alliance Management globally to 25% by 2022.

When Palm Alliance Management signed up to the Charter in September 2018 we had 16.7% female representation in senior management positions as at 31 December 2017 and we have been making steady progress in increasing the number of women in senior positions and remains committed to achieving the target set . As at 31 December 2019, we had 19.6% female representation in senior management positions.

Palm Alliance Management has also made good progress on our broader Diversity and Inclusion agenda. It remains dedicated to improving diversity for the benefit of the business - for our people, our clients and our workplace culture - and recognises in particular the benefits of increased diversity in senior management.


Diverse Perspectives

From training to company-wide discussions, social responsibility has risen to the top. That includes employee-led business resource groups—comprised of individuals who share common characteristics or experiences, along with their allies. These nurture an inclusive workplace through open dialogue and facilitating learnings for everyone.

Women's Initiatives and Allies

Accelerates change by engaging, inspiring and developing our female colleagues. Strives to impact business performance and establish our firm as a place where women thrive.

Veterans and First Responders

Invites everyone to “continue the mission” by championing our vets and first responders and joining them in community service. Promotes managerial effectiveness, leadership development and communication.

New, Changing Careers and Returning Workers

Enables progress among those just starting out, changing careers or returning to the workplace. Provides opportunities for career development, community involvement and networking.

Employees of Color

Encourages authenticity among different minorities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Links their work with internal and external communities, and currently supports three chapters: Black, Asian, and Latinx Employees.


Fosters an inclusive environment for LGBTQ colleagues, and their family members and community. Ensures LGBTQ employees feel safe, welcome and valued in the workplace.

Corporate Partnerships

Measuring our change

Numbers can’t tell the whole story, but a closer look provides an at-a-glance snapshot of where we are and where we still need to go. These benchmarks will help guide us as we build a path forward.





Workforce representation (global)









Workforce is defined as all full and part-time salaried associates (which includes overtime eligible associates). Due to rounding, totals may vary from sum of individual components and percentages reflect a share of total and may vary. Data as of 12/31/2020, generated on 1/7/2021.

Race / Ethnicity

Workforce representation (U.S.)



Women: 10.0%, Men: 9.9%



Women: 6.0%, Men: 2.6%



Women: 8.8%, Men: 6.5%



Women: 25.8%, Men: 28.5%



Women: 1.0%, Men: 0.7%





Workforce is defined as all full and part-time salaried associates (which includes overtime eligible associates). Race/ethnicity data include only U.S. associates whose race/ethnicity is collected for EEO-1 reporting purposes. Other includes American Indian or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and Two or More Races. Due to rounding, totals may vary from sum of individual components and percentages reflect a share of total and may vary. Data as of 12/31/2020, generated on 1/7/2021.

We believe in long-term results

We invest in our DE&I goals with the same boldness and rigor that we have when investing on behalf of our clients. And while we’ve made strides, we know we still have work to do to keep striving for more diverse representation in leadership and throughout our organization.
That’s why we’ve launched inclusive hiring and promotion training — to help create a fair, consistent and equitable candidate experience.It’s only with a more inclusive team that we will be able to accomplish our mission: improving people’s lives through successful investing.

2025 goals:


Representation of women among global senior managers


Representation of Black/African Americans among U.S. associates


Representation of Black/African Americans among senior managers (in the U.S.)


Representation of underrepresented minorities among senior managers (in the U.S.)

The courage to do things differently

As a company that left the financial epicenter of Wall Street during the Great Depression and set itself up on the West Coast, we are not afraid to be different and set ambitious goals.Today, we’re bringing those goals to DE&I and are learning along the way. We’re challenging norms. We’re setting higher benchmarks. And we’re pushing for a more inclusive workforce.
To make a difference, we are not afraid to do things differently.

Innovative development programs

From recruitment to leadership, our flagship programs are designed to both mentor and advance the career paths of underrepresented associates.

Programs like PALMate and Women Leading Palm focus on female employees while PALMcity and Palm Emerging Leader are focused on racial diversity across the board.

Inclusive benefits

We have tailored our benefits and wellness programs to support the needs of the diversity of our associates. That means resources for early-career team members, those caring for aging loved ones, single parents, LGBTQ+ families, transgender associates and more, all with a focus on physical and mental well-being.

Addressing bias in the recruiting process

To help mitigate any potential unconscious bias from the early-career hiring process, our Talent Acquisition Team stopped sharing résumés with hiring managers, so they could focus on the candidate — their background, experience and thought process.

As a result of our DE&I efforts, we hired a more racially and gender diverse pool of interns, with 50/50 gender balance and 58% representation from racial minorities.

Fair pay

At Palm Alliance Management, our pay practices focus on fairness. Each role within our organization is compensated based on the responsibilities of that role and the experience and performance of the associate — irrespective of race, ethnicity or gender identity.

And we're proud to say that a fair pay study conducted by an independent consultant demonstrated that we have pay equity broadly in the U.S.

Palm Communities

Our 40+ Palm Communities — sometimes called associate resource groups — empower our people to help lift the voices of everyone at Palm Alliance Management. Palm Communities are driven by our associates who unite around common experiences and passions, becoming allies for inclusion and equity. Palm Communities represent a rich diversity of identities and interests, including race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, mental health and much more. The list is always growing, as our employees raise their hands to create new Communities for our people to connect.

Improving our culture.
Impacting our community.

As a global leader, we recognize that the world around us is changing, so we’re changing the way we invest — both in funds and in our people. When we create an environment of integrity, respect and true collaboration, our people can carry these principles from the company to their community.

Industry leadership

For the past few years, Palm Alliance Management has hosted the Roundtable Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion. This year, the event included a virtual assembly of 120 wealth managers, broker-dealers, and diversity, equity and inclusion practitioners representing 53 U.S.-based financial services firms. Over three half-day sessions, the participants engaged in immersive learning and shared best practices intended to advance diversity and promote more inclusive cultures across our industry.

Global citizenship report

Our associates are working to enrich their communities, reduce their environmental impact, create a more diverse and inclusive workspace, and improve people’s lives through successful investing.

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Promoting local, minority-owned businesses

As a corporate sponsor of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the National Minority Supplier Development Council, we are actively driving policy changes to ensure supplier diversity and fair competition in the market.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Putting ESG at the core of every one of our investment decisions is simply the right thing to do — not only because it helps create a more sustainable world and a more equitable workforce, but, as many quantitative reports have proven, it can also generate better long-term outcomes for our clients.

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Racial justice special match

Palm Alliance Management’s racial justice special match provides the opportunity for every associate to support eligible nonprofits dedicated to transforming the overarching system of racial bias across institutions and society.


Every support channel is critical to building a diverse and inclusive culture. That’s why we make sure our employees have access to a range of programs that provide the resources they need to feel supported and empowered to pursue successful careers. Some of our programs include:

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Network

Women's Interest Network

Black Employee Network

Veterans Employee Network

Abilities Network

Asian American Employee Network

Hispanics, Latinos and Amigos Network

Family & Life Stages


We believe that building an inclusive culture extends beyond the walls of our firm and into the communities we live and serve. That’s why we support various programs and initiatives that foster deeper community connection and opportunities for others’ success

The Posse Foundation

Partners since 2016, we actively support Posse’s mission to ensure the leaders of the 21st century reflect the country’s rich demographic mix through high school and college-led programs that train and develop small, diverse groups of talented students.

The Texas Triathlon

We’re proud to be one of the sponsor for Texas triathlon, which brings together athletes of all ages and abilities from around the globe, while raising funds for Texas Medical Center’s programs and services squarely focused on eradicating the inequities deeply affecting people’s lives and health..

Pod Street Inn

We proudly support this local institution that provides comprehensive programs and services including housing, emergency services and workforce development to nearly 2,000 men and women every day.


We proudly one of the sponsor's of Dare2tri and its mission to enhance the lives of individuals with physical disabilities and visual impairments by building confidence, community, health and wellness through triathlons.


Building a diverse and inclusive culture is about more than numbers, but they help us tell a story about progress and our commitment to making a difference you can see.


Women directors on Columbia Funds Complex Mutual Fund Boards


Women employees


People of color employees

Fund Boards data as of January 1, 2021. Employee data as of December 31, 2020.



Business management committee



Senior management



Investment professionals



Total employees



Data as of December 31, 2020. People of color, U.S. only, includes people who identify as racially and ethnically diverse based on U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) classifications: Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Asian, Native American or Alaska Native and two or more races.